What Happens if You Don’t Steam Clean Your Carpets in Wilmington, NC? Trapped Bacteria & More

Having carpets installed in your home requires some diligence and commitment to the responsibility of keeping them clean and in good shape. Routine vacuuming, immediate accident cleaning, and periodic professional deep carpet cleaning is essential to the health and appearance of the carpet as well as the quality. With that in mind, we at Safe Clean Carpet, Upholstery & Tile would like to share some of the consequences of not keeping your carpets cleaned.

Germs, Bacteria & Viruses in Carpets

The germs, bacteria, and viruses are found everywhere. Once they land on the surface of your carpets, they will continue to thrive. Without regular care and cleaning, contaminates will only spread throughout the household. According to research, there is easily up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch in dirty carpets, some of which could potentially be E.Coli or Salmonella; a few examples of health risk issues.

Insect Infestation in Carpet

Carpets provide an eco-system for various types of insects and micro-organisms where they eat, reproduce, die, and continue to grow in numbers; without regular cleaning the infestation will only grow. Dust mites, ticks, fleas, ants, and other such insects contribute to expediting the deterioration as well as trigger asthma and allergies among other health risks.

Carpet Mold Development

Additional disgusting organisms that could easily exist in your carpets are mold spores and mildew. With the right conditions, such as humidity and right temperatures, mold growth can erupt. Mold is an eye sore to say the least, it can contribute to serious health concerns as well as expedite the decay of the materials it is growing on including the carpets, carpet padding, and sub-floor; if left untreated it can spread to the baseboards and walls. Keeping your carpets cleaned can reduce the mold spores and controlling the humidity levels and floor dry can keep mold growth from occurring.

Contaminants Trapped in Carpet Fibers

The fibers will inevitably trap and contain any kind of substances. Dead skin cells, shed hair, dirt, food, and pet shedding, along with contaminants and allergens are kept within the fibers and the longer it is left unattended the more layers will accumulate, pushing the debris further into the fibers. The fibers often look matted and dull and other concerns can develop.

Appearance of a Filthy Home

The floor contributes to the rooms overall aesthetics. When the carpets are dingy with filth and marred with stains, an otherwise pristinely cleaned room will instantly make the room look filthy and disheveled. Keeping the floors clean and free of stains contributes to the immaculate space.

Carpet Odors will be Dominant

Not only do filthy carpets look awful, more often than not; odors are attached, making the house pungent. The debris, contaminants, and other substances that are in the carpets will emit odors. Sometimes these odors go unnoticed to homeowners as they are use to the slowly evolving gross smells, but guests immediately take note of the assault on their nasal passages.

Carpet Colors Will Fade & Fibers Will Harden

Carpets are typically chosen in accordance with the room’s décor as well as the soft and comfortable texture it offers. Over time and exposure to constant filth, the colors will fade and look dingy, dents develop, and the carpets feel more and more coarse along other such consequences.

Reduced Carpet Lifespan

The quality of the carpet’s manufacturing and the overall care contribute to the life expectancy of the carpets. If they are not properly vacuumed and professionally cleaned, they will need to be replaced far sooner. To get the most from the investment of your carpets, take the time and ensure they are well maintained.

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