What Happens if You Don’t Steam Clean Your Carpets in Wilmington, NC? Trapped Bacteria & More

Having carpets installed in your home requires some diligence and commitment to the responsibility of keeping them clean and in good shape. Routine vacuuming, immediate accident cleaning, and periodic professional deep carpet cleaning is essential to the health and appearance of the carpet as well as the quality. With that in mind, we at Safe…

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Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning in Wilmington, NC; Removes Dirt, Dander, Dust Mites, Pollen & More

Homeowners usually want a clean home. Keeping the home maintained is often one of the main priorities. Despite doing everything you can to keep your home spotless, clean, and sanitized, there are some duties that are simply more challenging. Specialized equipment and knowledge are required to tackle the toughest tasks being carpet cleaning. With the…

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